I'm a product designer and researcher interested in the Internet of Things.



Research, design, coding, I love them all.




Process engineers, cosmologists, emergency medical technicians, building managers, visually impaired seniors, these are some example users of my research portfolio.

I enjoy designing useful products for people who are different from me, and understanding these people’s needs is the starting point for effective designs. Through experience I have developed a toolkit of user research methods to build multi-faceted user personas.


Web, mobile, wearable, and voice, I love experimenting with different interaction platforms.

Internet of things, information visualization, accessibility, and crowdsourcing, I enjoy creating user experiences for different design goals. 

I design with iterations and prototypes, powered with knowledge in interaction principles, patterns, and esthetics.

UX design = (prototyping + user testing) * n


I have experience developing full-scale mobile and web applications and beyond.

I believe designers should know how to implement the designs they create, as technical challenges often pose constraints on feasibility and performance. Knowing the code enables me to make informed design decisions and helps me communicate with engineers to obtain their buy-in on designs.

Plus, coding is just fun!