Toshi and Wenqin's Monterrey Trip (3/25/16 - 3/26/16)

Day 1 第一天

On the Road 在路上


Cannery Row 罐头巷


Surrey Bike & Tandem Bike 骑四轮车和双人车


Dinner & Bar 晚餐和酒吧


Day 2 第二天

At the Park Outside the Hotel 在酒店外的公园

Breakfast on the hotel balcony 在宾馆阳台上吃早餐

Monterrey Bay Inn, our hotel, from the outside 我们住的蒙特雷海湾酒店的外面


At The Beach 在海滩


Monterrey Aquarium 蒙特雷水族馆


Driving Back 回程

We stopped by my favorite ramen restaurant in Santa Clara. So excited! Then only to find out that they were temporarily shut down by the health department due kitchen issues... 回去的路上我们专门绕道去了我在圣克拉拉最爱的日本拉面馆,可是居然停业整顿了。


Summary 总结

We had a wonderful trip. We should go back sometime with the rest of the family! 我们玩得很愉快,下次应该和家人在一起来!